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A specialized and experienced precision foundry knows precisely the standards to be met when designing unique or multiple parts for the defence industry. 

The military environment also requires specific certifications and compliance systems, which narrows down your options when selecting a supplier and partner for precision and highly reliable parts.

H2 – Certifications and Compliance for Defence and Military Sector

We understand that you need to ensure that any business partner in the Defence sector maintains the accreditation for the following certifications:

We pay special attention to these licenses, as they guarantee you the excellence of our processes and our quality control process.

As for the additional specifics related to military compliance, Vestshell holds the essential approvals:

  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) corresponds to the international regulations on arms sales and the authorization for obtaining technical drawings for producing military parts or weapons.
  • EAR (Export Administration Regulations) encompasses the rules governing the transfer of technologies that could be used for military purposes, even if they are typically intended for civilian use.
  • The controlled goods program is linked to the law concerning Defence production, specifically regarding components and technical data in the military sector or for national security-level applications.

Key Alloys Used at Vestshell

The primary metal used is steel. The resulting metallic alloys are as follows, at least at Vestshell:

  • Carbon steels and low-alloy steels
  • Austenitic stainless steels
  • Martensitic stainless steels
  • Precipitation-hardening steels
  • Duplex steels

When you present your project to us, and if your alloy differs, we analyze the possibility of substituting the metal with an equivalent. Of course, the latter must conform to the required standards in all aspects.

The Complexity of Metal Parts in Lost Wax Investment Casting

The Defence industry rarely requires simple metal parts. However, the lost-wax casting technique is specially designed to produce parts of all sizes and great complexity.

In our article on the 5 cutting-edge industries benefiting from our expertise, we emphasized how state-of-the-art equipment combined with expertise are essential to meet the highest required standards.

Therefore, while any precision foundry can use the lost-wax casting technique, not all of them can promise results that meet the expectations of your sector.

Capacity, Walls, Structure, Assembly

To find the foundry that matches your standards, inquire about:

  • The possibilities for creating prototypes and repeatable high-volume parts
  • The capabilities of the parts (at Vestshell, ranging from less than 1 ounce to 150 pounds)
  • The experience, expertise, and know-how utilized
  • The technology is in place to successfully produce parts with complex geometries, thin walls, hollow internal structures, and even assembled components.

Feasible Military Parts

The investment casting technique creates metal parts used for various Defence industry-related systems. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Artillery systems
  • Defence systems
  • Helicopters
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Fighter jets
  • Aircraft
  • Drones

It is also possible to collaboratively develop new, impeccable-quality prototypes.

Introducing a New Project

A reliable and fully competent business partner will analyze before accepting any new mandate and will recognize its limitations. At Vestshell, we must inform you if your project is not advantageous for you.

We have outlined the 5-step approval process in our article, which also covers the benefits of lost-wax casting for producing high-difficulty-level metal parts. 

It also addresses compatible metallic alloys, achievable part capabilities and complexity, manufacturing and delivery timelines, and the project approval process.

At all times, if you have questions, we are at your disposal.

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