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The importance of investment casting to the
aerospace industry

Investment casting is crucial in the aerospace sector due to the stringent performance and safety requirements. It enables manufacturing complex, lightweight and robust parts for aerospace applications.

Aerospace investment casting applications

Different fields related to aerospace use investment casting to produce strategic parts such as turbine blades, structural components of rockets, propulsion systems and even critical electronic parts for space navigation.

In aviation, lost wax casting contributes to manufacturing high-precision aerodynamic components.

As for the military and defence sector, this technique is favoured to create complex parts necessary for specific armed forces applications. Thus, investment casting plays a vital role in developing cutting-edge components that meet the stringent requirements of these critical industries.

Investment casting in these areas helps meet the high demands of aerospace in lightness, strength and geometric complexity, thus contributing to the success of space missions.


blue tone jet engine blades closeup

The necessity of investment

Investment casting in aerospace is crucial for several reasons, primarily driven by the industry’s demanding requirements and high-performance standards. Here are key explanations for the necessity of investment casting in aerospace:

  • Precision and complexity
  • Weight reduction
  • Material performance
  • Cost-effective prototyping
  • Consistency and quality
  • Reduced machining requirements
  • Innovation and advancements

Impact of investment on production

Investment casting, also known as precision casting or lost-wax casting, is pivotal in enhancing production characteristics, especially in complex designs, high dimensional tolerance, and the production of lightweight parts.

Here are some examples of how the investment casting process contributes to these key production attributes:

  1. Precision in reproduction: The investment casting process maintains high dimensional accuracy. The wax pattern is produced with tight tolerances, and the casting faithfully reproduces these dimensions.
  2. Wax Pattern Precision: The investment casting process begins with creating a wax pattern. This wax pattern replicates the final part, precisely capturing intricate details and complex geometries.
  3. Material Selection: Investment casting facilitates using lightweight yet high-strength materials, such as aluminum and titanium alloys. This is crucial in aerospace and other industries where weight reduction is a primary concern.

Rewards of investment casting in aerospace

Improvement in quality and precision

The aerospace industry relies on a sophisticated interplay of advanced technologies to produce components that meet rigorous safety, reliability, and performance standards. The continuous integration of these technologies underscores the commitment to innovation in pursuing excellence in aerospace engineering.

precision and flawless resistance


You can count on our proven process to achieve castings of flawless resistance and high accuracy, as required by the aerospace industry. In addition to eliminating oxidation and contamination, our process is defect-free and leaves no post-casting traces.

Engines, landing gear and wing flap controllers with strict alloy and design specifications

Parts and components for all types of aircraft: civil (airliner, business, light and ultralight) and military (transport, fighter, tactical, interceptor, trainer and drone)

Weight-sensitive airborne applications, including thin-wall castings with strict NDT controls

Technical design assistance, co-engineering or manufacture of complex unique or repeatable prototypes

The aerospace industry stands at the forefront of technological innovation, and the production of aerospace components leverages advanced technologies to meet the exacting demands of this dynamic sector. From design and prototyping to manufacturing and quality assurance, a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies is deployed to ensure the production of high-performance aerospace components.

Long-term financial and strategic outcomes of investment

Investment casting in aerospace holds significant financial and strategic value for companies operating in the aerospace industry. From an economic standpoint, such investments contribute to aerospace businesses’ long-term sustainability and profitability.

Here are vital aspects highlighting the financial and strategic importance of these investments:

Reduced material waste: Casting techniques in aerospace, particularly investment casting, allow for the precise formation of complex components. This precision minimizes material waste, contributing to cost-efficiency in production.

Economic benefits: Fuel-efficient aircraft and spacecraft result in cost savings for operators over the vehicles’ operational life. This financial benefit positions the company favourably in the competitive aerospace market.

Adaptability to evolving demands: Continuous investment allows aerospace manufacturers to stay ahead of industry trends and changing customer demands. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining a solid market position and securing valuable contracts.

Quality Assurance: Investments in casting technologies often come with advanced quality control measures. This ensures that each component meets stringent quality standards, mitigating the risk of defects and ensuring reliable performance in critical aerospace applications.

Protecting our environment through investment casting in aerospace

Environmental impact of casting in aerospace

The aerospace industry is increasingly focused on sustainability. Investments in casting technologies that contribute to lightweight structures and fuel efficiency align with broader environmental goals, ensuring long-term sustainability in a changing business landscape.

Beyond immediate cost savings, such investments contribute to improved performance, environmental sustainability, and market competitiveness, making them integral to the success and longevity of aerospace companies.

The cornerstone of innovation

Ultimately, investment casting is a cornerstone of innovation in the aerospace industry, delivering a unique combination of performance, durability and efficiency. Companies that embrace this technology thrive economically and help shape the future of aerospace exploration with forward-thinking and sustainable solutions.

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