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AS9100 (with ISO 9001)



Supplier Quality Clause

  1. Mail 1 copy  of all invoices by mail or email
  2. No increase in price to that quoted or previously charged will be accepted without prior notification and written acceptance.
  3. This purchase order must appear on all invoices, shipping cartons, packing slips and bills of lading.
  4. Non Canadian shippers must provide 5 copies of Canada Customs Invoice, Bill of Lading and packing slips with shipments.
  5. C of C required. As a minimum, quality system to comply with ISO9001/AS9100. Upon notification, an audit of your facility may be required by Vestshell, Vestshell's customers or any other regulatory authority.
  6. Supplier shall notify Vestshell of any non-conformance product and shall take arrangements fo Vestshell approval of supplier non-conforming material. The supplier shall notify Vestshell of any changes in product and/or process definition and where required, obtain Vestshell approval.
  7. All changes affecting Quality must be documented and communicated in written to Vestshell prior to effectivity   of the change. Any changes in a supplier or a change in the supplier's manufacturing location must be address to Vestshell, then Vesthell must communicate to the applicable customers.Vestshell customers approbation might be necessary before implementation of the changes.
  8. Flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements
  9. In case of incomplete certification, supplier must keep records for a minimum of 10 years.
  10. For calibration services:
    • Results as found and as left must be indicated on the certificate of calibration
    • Calibration results must be traceable to national standards and/or NIST and/or the laboratory must be accredited ISO 17025.
    • Each individual performing calibration shall have a valid eye exam not to exceed one year ans shall meet the requirement in at least one eye, either corrected or uncorrected. Color perception shall be performed only one time.
  11. Supplier must advise Vestshell within 24 hours when suspected non-conformance material have been shipped, regardless of the destination
  12. The supplier personal shall understand their contributions to the conformity of products and service, the product safety and the ethical behaviour.
  13. Counterfeit parts apply under AS6174.

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